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When you are looking for a Manchester Portrait Photographer, you want someone who takes the time to get to know your kiddo, gets down to their level and treats them the way their favorite Auntie would.  We like to send videos a couple of days before our session if your little one is nervous so they will recognize us when they come to the studio. We find out their favorite snacks and have them on-hand ready for them. We will even incorporate their favorite stuffy to help us take pictures (and include them in the photos because we know you want some of those shots too!). We spend the time getting to know your child because we know THEY are the ones we really need to win over. 

Thinking about a cake smash? We'll send you a list of options!
Want to incorporate a flower crown? We'll hook you up! 
Not sure what to have them wear? Borrow from our Client Wardrobe!
Want some shots of the entire family? We always encourage it!

Whether they are a new sitter, turning a new age, or simply growing up faster than your heart can handle, we will make sure to create stunning images that you'll be excited to hang on your walls. 

It's a hard question because the answer changes. At one time it was their chubby arm rolls then you blinked and now it's the way scrunch their nose when they smile. Milestone portraits aren't limited to the first year of your child's life around here because your kid is worth documenting at every stage.


                                                         What is your favorite thing about your kid?

"Kathleen took beautiful photos of me and my sweet boy, and she was wonderful to work with! She made the session fun and stress-free, and she was very easy going and understanding with my one year old. I love the light, airy style of her photography, and she captured my little guy so well!"                                 
                                           -Allison A.

If you have taken a look at our work and it resonates with you, please feel free to reach out via our contact form.

We will book a 15 minute planning call so go over all of your wishes for your session and get to know you a little better. If you wish to work via email with us, that's okay too. Throughout your time with us, we will meet you where you are to make the process stress-free for your family. To us, that's what laid-back luxury really means. 







Once we have you on the calendar, we will start talking outfits and book hair and makeup (optional add-on). This is the part that a lot of families dread and really appreciate the assistance. We have an exclusive Client Wardrobe filled with dresses for Moms, mens shirts and timeless outfits for your children. You can either choose something from the Client Wardrobe  or we will help you style your family through style guides, links to our favorite websites, and expert guidance. No more panic buying from Amazon the week of your session! 

Outfits will be steamed and hung for you, hair and makeup will be on standby to make you feel beautiful... all we need is you and your sweet family. Our style is very relaxed and candid so your only job is to show up and enjoy your most favorite people in the world. The beauty of the images comes from where you are, what you are wearing, but most importantly, the love and connection between your family. Want to find out a little bit more about our style and process? Take a look here

A few weeks after our time together, we will meet again for an ordering appointment so we can discuss what you'd like to purchase for images and/or artwork. We have an a la carte system and believe our clients should only purchase the images they absolutely love. We don't believe in locking you into confusing collections or print credits. At this appointment, we will show you our heirloom and matted album options and show you custom wall art for your home. We know how framing photos and creating albums gets put on the back burner when you're a parent so we will do it all for you.

ready for your Manchester Portrait Photography experience?

Manchester Portrait Photographer serving Bedford, Amherst, Manchester and surrounding areas.

Baby Plan

Individual Session

Creative Fee: $300
Pay your creative fee to reserve our time together then purchase your digital images and/or artwork after your session. No images or products are included in the creative fee.

A single session at the studio, grassy field or beach location.

Creative Fee: $500
Pay your creative fee to reserve multiple sessions over your baby's first year then purchase digital images and/or artwork after each one. No images or products are included in the creative fee.

Multiple sessions (up to 3) in the first 14 months of your baby's life at the studio, grassy field or beach location.

What's Included in your Manchester Portrait Photo Session?


- Style Guidance for your whole family

- Access to the Client Wardrobe to borrow outfits for your session

- Scheduling of hair and makeup

- Ordering Appointment for custom artwork design

- A complimentary set of birth announcements (for Baby Plan clients)

- A full-service photographer to lead you through the entire process...leave it to us!

The Process




Any age! We only have these kids living with us for 18 years and we want to remember all of their quirky smiles long after that. Many of our clients like sitter sessions, one year sessions, birthdays, breastfeeding milestones, and child portraits. 

What age should I get a Milestone portrait done?

Many photographers out there will take pictures of just your child but we believe that the family deserves to celebrate this milestone as well. We will start with the pre-cake photos of your baby individually and with siblings, parents, even a set of grandparents if you'd like. Then we will do the cake smash and see just how messy your little one can get! 

How does the Cake Smash go?

That is completely up to you! Many clients like to do it at the end of their breastfeeding or chestfeeding journey to commemorate their special bond. Feeling shy about doing this in front of the camera?  I am a Certified Lactation Counselor as well as a photographer so I am respectful of this sacred time and act merely as a fly on the wall. 

What age should my baby/toddler be for a breastfeeding/Chestfeeding milestone session?

from cake smash to breastfeeding journey, your manchester Portrait photographer is with you for all the big moments in life. 

Ready for the next step?


We're happy to incorporate a special stuffy or favorite baby item but we do not do any elaborate cake smash themes. We prefer a more elevated timeless look instead of bright/bold colors. We also incorporate the family into the session because you deserve to dress up and celebrate too! This past year wouldn't have happened without your hardwork!

Will you incorporate a theme into the cake smash?

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