Studio Magic: 5 Reasons Why Your Next Session Should Be Indoors

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As we head into the colder months here in New England, we start to think about how our lives change with the seasons. Suddenly, we are trading our Birkenstocks for snow boots, shutting down the sprinkler systems, and buying Vitamin C in bulk. The time change brings a shift for photographers moving golden hour sessions from 6:00pm to the 4:00 pm and that summer magic in the air disappears until next year. Just when you are getting sick of the weather, Mother Nature gives us an opportunity to change it up and shift our mindset.

Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE fan of outdoor sessions. The sunlight during a golden hour session inspires me in more ways than I could explain. Anyone who knows me knows that I cherish my family’s relationship with nature and I sincerely love sharing that with the families I photograph. That being said, New England weather can be unpredictable and quite honestly…a brat sometimes! After the rainiest summer I think I’ve ever experienced in New Hampshire, I am also a HUGE fan of sessions in the studio and here’s why:

1. No Checking The Weather App Obsessively The Night Before Your Session

In my cozy studio space, we don’t have to worry about what the weather looks like the night before. I have spent many nights this summer sweating out whether or not my sessions would happen the next day. It’s nice to know that with a studio session you will be warm and away from the elements even when Mother Nature decides to be a brat!

2. Consistency In Your Images

By creating a space that is both consistent and predictable for photography, your photos have a certain look to them that you can’t get outdoors. Sometimes when we are outdoors, we are fighting wind, too much sun, not enough sun, etc. In the studio, your hair won’t be flying in 20 different directions and we can ensure that everyone (I’m looking at you, toddlers!) stays clean for the entire session. It’s like creating the perfect setting so all your family needs to do is show up!

3. Versatility In Your Style

Did you want to try on a few dresses to see which one makes you feel most confident? Maybe you were curious about trying your hair up versus down. At my studio space, there is a whole wardrobe room for you to get ready in so you can try different outfits, hairstyles, jewelry, etc. Getting ready in a cozy room with floor length mirrors certainly beats my pop-up tent that I bring along to on-location outdoor sessions!

4. Privacy & Comfort

I am a big proponent of mamas feeding their babies during the session if they get cranky. I mean, I get it…I would be cranky too! A lot of times for nursing mamas, that means trying to find a semi-discrete location to do that. You never have to feel shy feeding, nursing, changing diapers, etc. in front of me (I am a Certified Lactation Counselor as well so I really have seen it all!) but I can understand the lack of privacy at some outdoor spots making some mamas uneasy. At the studio, I have a cozy little private corner for you to take care of baby’s needs so everyone is happier.

5. Creative Freedom

The options are endless when we are in the studio space. Sometimes just having the ability to go with the flow of creative freedom produces the best work. We can still have that creativity outdoors but if I had imagined a mama laying on the ground holding her sweet baby bump but the ground is wet from the rain, it’s probably going to be out of the question. I enjoy getting to dream up a session with families knowing there are no “ifs”.

So bring that sweet baby bump or newborn into my cozy studio this winter and let’s make some studio magic happen! I can’t wait to see you!

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