Family portraits may just be the closest thing we have to keeping them little forever.

We know that you love your kids and you want them to stay this little forever. We can't freeze time but we can ensure that you have the memories of the fleeting magic of childhood. After all, their childhood is also your parenthood and that deserves to be documented. 

As your NH Family Photographer, we've created a unique experience that takes the stress off of you.  No fretting at midnight about what your family is going to wear, no worrying about if your toddler ruined the whole day with the 15 minute car nap they took before your've got ONE job. Show up and enjoy these sweet moments with your babies while they are here and we will do the rest. 

Imagine this:  your toddler runs over to the wall in your living room to see a framed picture of themself. They look at you and proudly say, "Mama, that's me!" Numerous studies have shown the profound impact on a child's development when family portraits are displayed on the walls of their home. It is a visual reminder that they belong, are safe, and are loved. This boost in self-esteem is a gift that they will carry throughout life.

We recently had a family photoshoot with our energetic toddler, and I cannot express enough how impressed we were with the entire process and the stunning results. If you are looking for a relaxed and fun experience, with beautiful light and airy photos to treasure for years to come, she's your girl!
                                             -Meaghan P.

NH Family Photographer

Light & Airy


For outdoor sessions, we have a few designated locations that we love because of the lighting, familiarity, and the end product we are able to create. You are also more than welcome to do a family session in our light + bright studio setting in Manchester. 

Where do Family Sessions take Place?

We get this question A LOT. What we have learned is the magic typically happens when we stop stressing out and just follow their lead. We will play games, take breaks for snacks, and make sure it is child-led (while still getting stunning images). The biggest issue you'll face is your toddler won't want to leave!

My Toddler is WILD. How will you handle this?

Absolutely! We offer packages of 7, 15, or the full gallery so you can decide what suits your family best. These are delivered in an online gallery with all printing rights. 

can we Just get Digitals?

We recommend reaching out as soon as possible so that we have adequate time to plan your session. Spring and fall tend to be our busiest seasons in NH because of the gorgeous weather so reaching out early ensures you will have a spot on our calendar.

when Should we book our family session?

the NH Family Photographer with all the tricks to get your toddlers on board with family photos.