NH Photographer: A Sentiment to First-Time Moms


Mother and father holding their newborn baby swaddled in a white blanket during NH Photographer session.

As a NH Photographer, I work with many moms—some with four kids and some just starting out on their motherhood journey. The first-time, brand-new mama always tugs at my heartstrings because I know what a raw and vulnerable time it can be. Having struggled with postpartum anxiety and OCD myself, my goal is to let others know that they are not alone.

A Sentiment for the First-Time Mama

Dear First-Time Mom,

You are so beautiful. Yes, you—with the spit-up on your shirt and the unwashed hair. It may feel like you are invisible, doing the hardest work of your life, but I want you to know: I see you.

I also see the way your baby looks at you as if you are their entire world. The bond you’re creating, the love you’re pouring into each cuddle and lullaby, is shaping a connection that will last a lifetime. You’re on a journey right now—probably one of the hardest and most rewarding you’ll ever experience. The sleepless nights, the endless feedings, and the constant juggling of responsibilities might feel overwhelming. But you are not alone.

You might feel like you’re supposed to have a “village,” but yours just didn’t show up. Maybe friends you thought would be there for you through all of life’s stages are nowhere to be found. Sometimes even family doesn’t show up for you in the way you need, and that can feel really hard.

I’m not going to tell you to “enjoy every moment” because, truthfully, every moment isn’t enjoyable. What I will tell you is that you deserve a long shower every day, a walk around the neighborhood, someone to take care of YOU, and a home-cooked meal. It may feel like you don’t have the time, support, or financial resources to make that happen, but I promise, even nourishing yourself with a healthy snack once a day will help you feel better. The small things DO add up.

Allow yourself some grace because this job is one of the hardest out there, and you are doing it beautifully. Keep it up, Mama—you’re doing great.


A Fellow Mama

Newborn photo of a little girl with a bow and swaddled in a white swaddle.

Postpartum Resources

Here are some postpartum resources that you could reach out to if you are not feeling quite right.

Postpartum Support International – PSI has support groups for all types of families as well as a lot of information about disorders that are common in the postpartum period.

Wellness Village – Located in Manchester, NH, this resource hosts in-person support groups for postpartum, lactation, pregnancy, and more. They are a lovely women-owned inclusive business that truly acts as a safe space for all humans.

NAMI – NAMI NH has tons of resources and information about local meetups and places you can go in the postpartum period.

Kathleen Jablonski Photography is always a resource that you can reach out to if you are feeling alone and need some help. We will always be an inclusive and safe space. Although a NH Photographer, the owner Kathleen Jablonski is a maternal mental health advocate and sits on the board for Postpartum Support International New Hampshire.

Family of 4 during newborn session with  NH Photographer Kathleen Jablonski Photography

NH Photographer : Kathleen Jablonski

Kathleen Jablonski is a NH Photographer specializing in baby-led newborn photography. As a mom of 2, a survivor of Postpartum Anxiety and OCD and a Lactation Counselor, she provides a safe place for new mothers to land emotionally. Her artwork captures the beautiful femininity in a motherhood journey through using light colors, beautiful scenery, and baby-led candid posing.

Kathleen Jablonski Photography provides a full-service photography experience with a studio space located in Manchester, NH. Kathleen and her team offer personalized planning, styling, access to their Client Wardrobe, hair and makeup services, and custom artwork designing services.

Newborn baby girl looking at her big sister in a Moses basket.

If this style of NH Photography speaks to you, please reach out and we’d love to get you a spot on the calendar!

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