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Mother and toddler son looking at the sand and pointing out crabs on the NH seacoast during session with Family Beach Photographer, Kathleen Jablonski

Okay, you know you want a session on the beach this summer…I don’t blame you! There is always a little bit of magic in a summer beach session…the wind, the warm sand between our toes, and the kids have so much fun that they hardly notice we are taking photos. As a Family Beach Photographer, it is important to me that my clients search around and make sure that I am the photographer for them. Here is a guide for the things to look for in your family beach photographer to make sure it will be a good fit for your family.


Of course one of the most important things to consider when selecting ANY photographer is their style. Google a few local photographers and take a look at their portfolio page. Are the images heavily edited? Are the families posed and smiling at the camera or interacting with each other? Are the colors light and bright? Dark and Moody? Somewhere in between? Do you see consistency amongst the photos or does it seem like the portfolio could be made up of 10 different photographer’s work?

This is most important because every photographer has their own shooting, editing, and workflow style and it’s important that you know what that is. You want to basically imagine your family in the images you are looking at so it is important that the work is consistent for you to do this.

Many of my clients come with a vision in mind as to what they like and don’t like in their images and I know right away if someone is looking for a dark and moody photo of their family that is overly posed, we won’t be a good fit. And that’s okay! The biggest part of this is to recognize what YOU like and find a photographer who’s work matches that vision.

Young family walking along the beach in Rye, NH wearing light colors.


So you found a few photographers that seem to match your style, now what? Reach out to them and inquire! If a photographer gets back to you right away and is upfront about their costs, style, and process, you know they care about your family and your session. On the other hand, if a photographer takes 2 weeks to respond to you, you may want to move on.

Personality in your photographer is important because you want to click with the person who will be interacting with your family. I know I have hired photographers who were awkward and didn’t engage with my kids at all and I walked away thinking “well that was a waste of money!”. In order to get those incredible photos that you will display in your home for years, your family will need to feel comfortable and at ease with your family beach photographer.

Something to remember when you are figuring out your photographer’s personality is that you won’t figure it out by staying quiet. Ask the questions! Often times, they want to engage with you too and get to know you before your time together. You could ask them:

  1. How long have you been a photographer?
  2. How will you handle my toddler if they are absolutely wild that day?
  3. I feel self conscious about x, how will you pose me to make sure the images look beautiful?
  4. Are you comfortable giving styling advice?

These are just a few ideas…you could certainly go a little deeper. If they talk about their own family, ask about their kids and the ages of their kids. Think about it like this: what would you ask a new friend to figure out if you will click with them? Ask that!

Father and son during a NH Family Beach Photography session with Kathleen Jablonski.


Photographers don’t need to have 25 years of experience in the field to be amazing at what they do BUT there is a difference between a hobby and professional photographer. You could find some of this out by looking through their website most likely but if not, you could ask questions like:

  1. How did you get into photography?
  2. Did you go to school for photography?
  3. Are you a registered LLC in the state of X?

The reason that last question is important is because it appears that there is a movement of individuals who market themselves as photographers because they have a camera. Having an LLC is important for legal purposes and you want to make sure that whoever you hire is following their state’s guidelines and rules. It also just differentiates a hobby photographer from a professional business. Are you a photographer that still needs to set up your LLC? Check out how to do that here.


Are you looking for a lot of hand-holding when it comes to picking a location and styling for your session? Would you like for someone to help you decide on images and how they could be displayed in albums and/or frames throughout your home? Full-service photographers can help with outfit selection, location scouting, hair and makeup, and creating timeless art for you to proudly hang in your home.

This is definitely an experience compared to the quick family session where you show up with whatever you decide to wear and you get digital images 2 weeks later. Your preference for this may vary but many families find the stress-free approach to having a full-service photographer what they want during this chaotic season of life.

As a NH Beach Family Photographer, I offer custom style plans and access to my Client Wardrobe for sessions. This allows for the family to know exactly what they will wear and increase their photography budget instead of spending it on new outfits for their family. I am an expert in what looks best on the beach because I have had a lot of experience doing it so many families like to trust my eye instead of figuring it out on their own. Check out an example of a recent style guide here.

I also offer mom the opportunity to have hair and makeup to be done before the session so she feels extra beautiful. After our time together, I will meet the family back at the studio or in their home to have a custom design appointment so we can brainstorm together how to display their images throughout their home.

Father and toddler son wearing white and light blue standing by the ocean in NH during session with NH Family Beach Photographer


For consistency purposes, many photographers only shoot at one or two beaches in New Hampshire. This is my favorite to shoot at in NH! The reason for this is they have experience there and they know the lighting that will make you look beautiful. Not to mention, we don’t have too many NH beaches so they get really busy in the summer and we want to avoid the crowds. If you have a beach in mind that has some significant meaning to your family, just ask your photographer if they would be willing to travel. We are lucky to be surrounded by Massachusetts and Maine which have beautiful options as well.

Family putting their toes in the water at the beach in Rye NH and picking yellow flowers with NH Family Photographer Kathleen Jablonski Photography.

Finding Your NH Family Beach Photographer

Selecting the right family beach photographer involves considering various factors, from their style and experience to their ability to connect with your family and capture genuine moments. By keeping these key points in mind, you can find a photographer who will provide a wonderful experience and create stunning images that celebrate your family’s love and connection. If you’re looking for a photographer with these qualities and you love my work, I’d love to chat and see how we can create beautiful memories together at the beach!

Mother and son standing nose to nose by the waves at the beach during NH Family Beach Photo Session.

About the Photographer

Kathleen Jablonski Photography is a full-service luxury photography business specializing in maternity, newborn and family photography. Offering studio and outdoor sessions, KJP offers beach family sessions throughout the spring, summer and early fall for NH families looking for a soft and light photography session. With a Client Wardrobe, dedicated hair and makeup staff (check out this blog post about our makeup gal!) and expertise in ordering artwork, Kathleen will provide you with a photography session that your family will not forget.

Image of Kathleen Jablonski, NH Family Photographer in a pink dress with a blue jacket.

To book your NH Family Beach session, reach out on the Kathleen Jablonski Photography contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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